Company profile: Photoyntax is focussed on yield improvement and stress tolerance in plants.

-Photosyntax combines the specialized knowledge of a number of small research companies. We colaborate, on project basis, with a number of specialists from affiliated companies.
-Photosyntax aims at an improvement of photosynthesis in horticultural crops and its regulatory control mechanisms.
-Photosyntax uses simulation modeling and develops new optical sensors to improve on plant productivity.
-Photosyntax has a firm theoretical and technological basis that enables conversion of fundamental insights into practical applications.

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Examples of a multidisciplinary approach of photosynthesis research, breeding and modeling (in Dutch):

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Enableware. Contact: Daniel van Kraalingen (Msc Phytopathology), Agroproduction and data base analysis.
Ecocurves BV. Contact: Kees Rappoldt (Phd Physics), Explorer Models, Soil Physics.
Plant Dynamics BV. Contact: Sander Pot (Bsc Plant Physiology), Optimisation in protected cultivation.
Agris. Contact: Joost Ruijsch (Bsc Electronics), Information Technology.
Mechasolutions. Contact: Paul Schapendonk (Bsc Fine mechanics), Instrumentation.
Pliant BV. Contact: Alex Heurkens (Bsc Plant Physiology).